Mission Partner Development for FOCUS Missionaries

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Welcome to your personal support page!  On this website, you will create custom web and donation pages, and you can invite your family, friends, and mission partners (current and future!) to view them.  This is a great way to share your mission and yourself in a personal way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are Personal Support Pages?

Personal Support Pages are an opportunity for anyone with a connection to your mission – family, friends, mission partners, and others – to celebrate and share this connection.  Your page includes your personal story, photos, and a guest book with notes of encouragement from mission partners.

2. Who can I contact for help setting up my page?

If you are having trouble, please contact

Name: John Paul Rudolph

Email Address: jrudolph@focusonline.org

Phone Number:

3. Can I set up more than one page?

No.  Each missionary can set up only one personal support page.

4. Where do funds raised from these pages go?

Any gift given on your personal support page is allocated to your support team.

FOCUS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization – all gifts made to your support team are tax deductible.

5. What do I put on my personal support page?

Include any information that will help your family, friends, and mission partners to better know you and your mission with FOCUS.  Our new support pages allow for a creative and diverse community.  Please keep in mind that FOCUS is a professional organization, and your personal support page should reflect this.

6. Can I update or change my page later?

Yes! At the Champion Center