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Reilly Swanson, 75209, 2017

Why am I going on a mission trip, you might ask? The answer is simple: the Lord has given me everything, and the least I can do is give a little back to Him.
As a child of divorced parents who prioritized their personal disputes over the benefit of their children, I found myself caught in a crossfire of animosity, and never really felt loved for much of my early life. Thankfully for me, our Heavenly Father stepped in and made His love known to me at a NET retreat in my 8th grade year. I've been doing my best to love and serve Him ever since. As high school wore on into the first few years of college, I found myself losing my grip on my faith. I was embarrassed by my sins, buying into the enemy's lie that God was ashamed of me and wouldn't forgive me. At SEEK2017, however, I experienced a powerful reminder of Christ's mercy and love for me. My faith has been revitalized, and I want to do what I can to respond to the Lord's call to serve His people. When I was asked to come on this trip, I knew that God was calling me to put my faith into action, and to help me grow a little along the way. I'm truly grateful for any support you can give to me for this mission. Thank all of you very much, God bless you!

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